About Westminster Short Life Housing

Westminster Short Life Housing (WSLH) was formed in 1982 by a coalition of London-based housing activists, who identified a need for a major provider of short-life housing. We continue to work to find solutions to the problems of the single homeless and those who are in housing need, who don't qualify for statutory assistance, and who can't afford private-sector rents. We have about 400 licensees in properties right across the London area. We emphasise that we are a self-help group, and are democratically membership-run, through a system of committees and Annual and Special General meetings. We employ 6 paid workers to run the office on a day-to-day basis, with the help of volunteers drwan from the membership. The organisation has a highly-experienced core membership, and has been going for twelve years, it's origins being in West London. We are self-financing and have no affiliation to any political parties. We operate a strict equal opportunities policy and are opposed to all forms of prejudice and discrimination.


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